Best 12 Real Estate Websites for Selling Home

Best 12 Real Estate Websites for Selling Home

Internet real estate is the idea of posting real property on the online market for lease, and for purchasers seeking to purchase or hire assets. It presents an electronic market or electronic real estate industry for that matter. In most cases, internet real estate entities are run by landlords themselves.

On the other hand, there are instances where there could be an online real estate agent, in most cases transacting through the internet and often charging a flat rate and not based on commission as a percentage of total income. Internet real property came into existence in around 1999. By the end of the year 2000, over one million homes had been sold single-handedly by their owners in America alone.

Now we can evaluate the 12 first-class real property websites in which you could buy & sell homes.

1. Redfin

Redfin is a real property website. The Seattle-based enterprise changed its base in 2004 and went public in August 2017. The business version adopted by Redfin is based on sellers paying a small fee ranging between 1-2%. 

An additional fee is paid by the seller to compensate for the brokerage representing the purchaser. This additional fee ranges between 2.5-3.0%. Buyers are given a small portion (usually 0.5%) of this rate via Redfin.

Redfin allows you to promote your house at an incredibly low listing fee of as low as 1%. With this package, you can get the assistance of a Redfin Agent near you, a 3D walkthrough and expert images. You can also get a backyard sign, open houses, and top-class placement on 

Are you willing to part with a higher amount for extra services? Redfin’s 2% Listing Fee service comes with a package containing every service in the 1% plan. Additionally, you will get cost insurance, a domestic improvement plan, decluttering, approved service providers, cleaning, and professional staging.

2. MLS

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a multiple listings provider. An MLS is used by property agents to create contracts for compensation of agents and to collect and disseminate data to aid in appraisals.

Real estate agents also use MLS databases and software to share property data with other brokers to aid in finding a client for the property. An MLS database contains information about the broker who has obtained a listing agreement with the seller of the property in question.

You can search for MLS listings from licensed realtors and other real estate professionals at There you will find new homes, houses on resale, commercial properties, investment property, etc.

3. Zilow

Zillow Group, Inc. is an American online real estate business entity. Zillow was created by former Microsoft Executives Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton, and co-founder Spencer Rascoff. 

A partnership was formed between Zillow and Century 21 Canada that saw Zillow begin to list Canadian properties on their page. This made Canada the first country outside the US to be supported by Zillow. The current CEO of Zillow, Inc is Rich Barton.

Are you a buyer or a seller? Zillow has got something in store just for you. If you were to list on Zillow on your own, you will get access to an income proceeds calculator, newsfeed on the neighborhood, and pricing tools that will enable you to price your private home with accuracy.

4. Realtor

Realtor is primarily based in Santa Clara, California. This website was created courtesy of the Realtor Information Network in 1995 and was meant for the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and its registered members.

In 1996, it was made a public website that displayed property listings. It is arguably the biggest site used for real property listing in the US. In 2016, was valued at $2.5 Billion.

Sellers can get to know just how to start the home-selling process through this website, and pick the right agent. They can also calculate the worth of their property. Having been certified by the NAR, the material and services provided at are trustworthy.

5. Trulia

Trulia is a domestic and community real estate website for consumers and renters to find homes and neighborhoods throughout the USA through recommendations, nearby insights, and map overlays that provide information on a commute, stated crime, schools, church buildings and close by businesses.

Trulia provides insights from those staying in the subject neighborhood so that potential customers can get to know the kind of place they are buying into. One can see the prices of recently sold property and the average values of homes within the neighborhood. You can also get recommendations from estate agents who operate within the market in question.

6. Home Finder

HomeFinder only provides listing services. You can add as many photos of your home as you like for just $39 per month. 

You can add your listing on social media sites and get priority sorting. Through HomeFinder you can also choose to allow customers or potential renters to contact you directly.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is an advertisement realty website that is the brainchild of Craig Newmark who brought it to life in 1995. It started as an associate email list for friends. In 1996, Craigslist became a web-based service. In 2000, It started spreading to other US cities other than where it began. Currently, it has spanned over 70 countries.

In March 2008, Craigslist started supporting some non-English languages namely German, Portuguese, French and Spanish. As of August 2012, over 70 areas in 70 countries had Craigslist services. Some of the Craigslist sites serve very large regions as opposed to the normal individual cities and metropolis. A good example is the Delaware state in the US.

You can sell or at least advertise your home on Craigslist. With a monthly page view of at least 50 billion, you can guess why a lot of people opt for Craigslist for online real estate services. To create a new post, click on ‘housing offered’, and make your ad more lucrative by giving it a catchy headline, well-presented photographs, and a good description. With all that min place, you may just be in for a thrill listing on Craigslist.

8. was ranked fifth among all realty portals in terms of the traffic market share. Its headquarters are at Norfolk, Virginia, in the US. There are other offices in Boca Raton, Florida, and California. promotes reality and provides media services as well as listing syndication, advertising, and the generation of leads. brings to you what matters most, matching you with real property that matches your needs. It provides you with a match rating; you will be able to recognize to what extent every house matches your demands. It is like a geological dating website for your property, guaranteeing to look out for the right client or home.

9. Movoto

Movoto is a company committed to making real estate transactions easier. It provides information and tools that make it easier for individuals with little experience in the field of real estate to understand and operate in the field.

Movoto offers a team of talented agents. This team will help you strike the best deal when you are in the process of making a decision. You can also have access to powerful search engines for interactive map searches when conducting home searches.

On their website, one can track market trends and has access to over one million listings of various types at a go. More importantly, you can easily schedule property viewing at a convenient time. You will also be able to know the amenities within the local community.

10. RE/MAX

RE/MAX is the short form of Realty Maximums. It is an international real estate website that has adopted the franchise system. It operates within more than a hundred countries.

RE/MAX may be a good option if you are attempting to sell your home locally, or expand your real estate business across the globe. With the franchises and estate agents operating in the market, you are likely to get your desired services.

11. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is an associate yank real estate website in hand by Realogy with its headquarters in Madison, New Jersey. It is the most established and the longest-serving real estate website with a franchise system in North America.

Following its history closely, it can be seen as the first real estate “startup.” It modified the way individuals bought homes and transacted in the real estate sector across America, ultimately turning into one among the foremost trustworthy realty brands in the world.

The Coldwell Banker network has been recognized for its exemplary innovation and leadership in forty-nine countries and territories for over one hundred years now.

CBx may be a new Coldwell Banker technology giving their agents a position. It provides additional correct rating, uses massive information to find the correct consumers for your home, and strategically markets your property by specializing in solely the foremost qualified prospective consumers.

12. Century 21

Century 21 is an associate yank real estate website agent franchise company that started in 1971. It is a franchise system with broker offices in 80 countries and territories across the globe. It has over 127,000 professionals who handle sales. Century twenty-one realty is headquartered in Madison, New Jersey.

The typical home sale today could involve more than 20 steps for it to be complete. CENTURY 21 agents will take you to step by step through the process to a successful close. They will assist you in creating a marketing strategy and will help you add value to your home before making a sale. The agents will help you settle for the best price to produce the highest value possible. CENTURY 21 will sure provide you with a full-service approach to real estate.