Making Money with High Ticket Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Making Money with High Ticket Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Are you interested in offering rentals or selling homes as a real estate agent would but you do not have any real estate license? What if we told you there is a way you can go about that?

You can sell real property or rent out homes without the necessary certifications with affiliate marketing. You can also earn supplemental income by subscribing to affiliate programs if you already are a real estate agent.

Whether you have heard about affiliate marketing before, or you are new to the idea, this post is just for you.

You will discover how you can venture into real estate affiliate marketing and make money. You will also discover some of the real estate affiliate programs you can start using right away.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply an arrangement whereby an affiliate earns a commission by marketing another entity’s products. Such sales are usually tracked using affiliate referral links.

The affiliate simply selects a product of their choice then promotes it and earns a commission for every sale made.

Affiliate marketing has become a lucrative business option for many marketers because of the flexibility it offers.

You do not have to stick to an 8-5 job just to earn a few bucks when you can make money any time and from anywhere, even on your bed, with affiliate marketing.

A recent survey by Google Trends reported that 16% of online orders were generated by affiliate marketing.

What is a High Ticket Affiliate Program?

It is an affiliate marketing program that allows an affiliate to market a digital product that costs more than $1000. Such programs promote your self-development and train you on leadership.

This is because before someone buys into your high ticket program, you will need to develop trust with them. Additionally, such transactions usually take a considerably longer period.

Products under a high ticket affiliate program are more often than not best promoted through social media. The strategies adopted must build the affiliate as an authority in the niche in which they operate. This could be achieved by using webinars, live videos, and events.

Looking at it with the hawk-eye, high ticket affiliate marketing is more a relationship-building endeavour than a normal sale. It is more of networking than it is selling. Grasping this distinction is the first step towards success.

Real estate affiliate marketing is typically high ticket affiliate marketing because of the nature of real estate transactions. Real estate transactions are usually large transactions that often take long periods to complete.

This is due to the high value of the real property, with so many of the transactions being above $1000, especially for property sales.

Just as a licensed real estate agent needs to build relationships with their clients, you should also focus on creating a network as you participate in a real estate affiliate program.

Why Invest In A High Ticket Real Estate Affiliate Program?

As opposed to low ticket affiliate programs, promoting high ticket items will cause your sales to accumulate much faster. You do not have to have a very high number of customers to make huge amounts of money.

With high ticket real property affiliate marketing, your income can increase tremendously by just promoting a few properties.

All factors kept constant, an affiliate will require relatively the same effort to promote a $50 product as they would a $1000 product; the techniques are similar.

If, for instance, the affiliate’s goal is to make $1500, the affiliate will have to sell 75 items of the $50 product while it only takes selling about 4 items of the $1000 product, assuming a commission of 40%.

Real estate affiliate marketing is also a worthy course because many people need advice. Purchasing a home or real property, in general, is quite complicated.

And with the increased use of online resources, many people are likely to resort to a website they can trust.

Real estate affiliate marketing also presents you with a large customer base. In the US, for example, more than14% of the population move houses every year. There is a big opportunity to create a network in the real estate niche.

The Downside of Real Estate Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in the real estate niche is not a smooth ride all the way. There are a few hurdles you are likely to meet along the way.
For instance, you are likely to meet stiff competition.

The largest sites get about 50% of the traffic, leaving the rest to be scrambled for by the other smaller sites. Getting organic searches on your website may take sweat and blood.

Even though there are a few sub-niches you can consider exploring, many of them are not viable on their own. The larger sites may still benefit from them as well.

How to Get Started as a Real Estate Affiliate

As you have already seen above, it is possible to earn from high ticket real estate affiliate marketing. If you are interested in real estate, you should consider exploring this niche since there is plenty of money to be earned in a variety of ways.

Let’s now get to the details of what you need to have in place or do to take part in the available real estate affiliate programs.

Besides some level of expertise, you must have your website for you to participate in real estate affiliate programs, just like any other affiliate marketing program.

Starting a Real Estate Website

Starting a Real Estate Website

You must have a domain, a hosting plan, and a WordPress website. This will attract a cost of about $100 per year. Once you have your website running, you will have to be consistently creating and posting content on your website.

Your content will get ranked on Google. After that, you can direct your readers into the real estate affiliate programs of your choice, some of which we will review shortly.

By directing your readers, you earn your income. The real estate industry is currently quite competitive. However, you can still identify some of the niches within the real estate which have not been explored much yet.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs You Can Join to Make Money

There are plenty of high ticket offers and decent commission rates you can enjoy with several real estate affiliate programs. We shall review some of them below. You can look into them if you are interested in the real estate niche.

Real Estate Affiliates

  • Affiliate Commission – 25%

This is one of the most popular affiliate networks among marketers and brokers that they use to promote their high ticket affiliate offers.

The Real Estate Affiliates’ network is one of the best options for publishers who are looking to benefit from the rapid growth of real estate crowdfunding.

Here are how you can make money with this program:

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): You are paid every time you refer your readers to their partner advertisers.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA): You are paid every time you send traffic to the network’s partner advertisers, and your referrals either sign up to their email list, or buy their product, or become a lead, among other actions.
  • Share of Revenue: You are paid commission recurrently for all the transactions that those you refer to make with their partner advertisers.

Payment is made every 15 days through your preferred payment method, be it PayPal or Wire transfer.


  • Affiliate Commission- 25%

Foreclosure is the largest provider of information on distressed assets. It has many high converting property listings that you can promote and earn from.

To be an affiliate with Foreclosure, you have to create an account. For it to be activated, your account must be approved by the Foreclosure team.

You will then be provided with a unique referral link that you will share on your website. You will receive payment when someone places an order with your cookie.

The good thing is that they will provide you with all the tools you need to start working with them.

Zilpy Affiliate

  • Affiliate Commission- 30%

Zilpy is free to join. Once you sign up, you will get a confirmation link where you will get your affiliate referral link that you will use to promote real property.

You will earn a commission for each successful sale. Zilpy has concentrated on market analytics.

They track factors such as school ratings, demographic factors, neighbourhood comparable properties, and the rate of crime.

This makes your work as an affiliate a lot easier because you get to see how the property you are promoting compares with other properties within that locality.

It is easier to promote the property with Zilpy especially if you are a beginner who does not have much knowledge in real estate. By using the information on their site, you can promote and advise investors, appraisers, landlords, etc.


  • Affiliate Commission- 25%

Buildium is a major property manager. They arguably offer the best property management solutions.

Their software helps property managers to be efficient in their work, and successfully expand their portfolio without straining their resources.

Their property management software can carry out tenant screening, communicate with tenants, pay vendors, track budgets, manage the rental listings, etc.

One can join their affiliate program through Commission Junction or ShareASale. Whichever option you use, you will be provided with all the marketing and tracking tools.

Home Away Affiliate Program

Home Away Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Commission: 30%

HomeAway has over two million properties across the globe. It deals with vacation rentals. You can promote these as an affiliate and earn a commission.

You can refer your viewers to the vacation rentals and generate a commission every time someone uses your referral link.

To help you succeed, HomeAway provides real-time reporting, third-party tracking, and commission checks.

To be listed as an affiliate with HomeAway, you have to create an account with Commission Junction.

Your affiliate account will have to be approved by the HomeAway team for it to be activated.


It is now clear that you can work as a real estate agent without a real estate license with affiliate marketing and earn greatly from it.

The real estate affiliate marketing programs reviewed in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more affiliate programs that deal with real estate that you can join.

As you have probably realized, even within real estate, you can further niche down.

Whether you are passionate about selling homes, renting homes out, managing property, dealing with commercial real estate, or handling vacation rentals, there is an affiliate program out there to satisfy your enthusiasm.

You just need to establish what you desire to do, research on it and weigh your available options. Make sure you know all the requirements and the operating modes.

What is still holding you back? Select the best affiliate program for your needs and start promoting them through your website and social media pages. If you do it right, you won’t ever regret taking that bold step!