How to Make Real Estate Money Online

How to Make Real Estate Money Online

Who wouldn’t want to earn money by just tapping their computer keyboard? According to Jeff Bezos, almost everything can sell online. Running a real estate business can be so frustrating, more so when you have expenses that the business’s proceeds can’t optimally sustain.

A lot of money is spent on renting office spaces, and that could be pointless for businesses that do not expect walk-ins.

To mitigate against this, many companies are considering relocating to the digital space. The funds that were previously used for renting office spaces and on service charges are then channelled to marketing activities.

As new technologies keep coming up every day, businesses must consider using online platforms to enhance their businesses and make more money.

There are several online options for making money in real estate, whether you are a freelance real estate agent, a real estate agency company, or a real estate investor.

Keep scrolling to discover some of the amazing strategies for making real estate money online.

Building a Website

Websites present you with quite several ways through which you can earn money. You just need to create relevant and captivating content that will keep people visiting your site.

You can use it to refer people to other websites where they can buy products. In return, you earn a commission. You can earn money displaying targeted Google ads by signing up for Google AdSense or even selling your product(s).

If you have real estate courses, that is even a plus because many people are now seeking online courses they can access using their phones or laptops. This way, you are assured you will reach a large audience through your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become so common of late. It is so easy! The main aim of affiliate marketing is to draw the attention of customers to specific websites for them to make a purchase.

As opposed to selling offline products, you do not take orders, or ship products, or receive payments. All you do is direct a customer to the site and earn your commission.

Your cut may vary depending on the company or website you are working with. You can identify an online real estate company and sign up to be part of their affiliate marketing program.

Most online companies have a link to their website through which you can sign up. Once you have signed up, place the ad or link to that product on your site. You will automatically earn your commission every time someone you have referred makes a sale.

Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate Blogging

The real estate industry is so dynamic. Market conditions, marketing, and tech tools, and laws keep changing.

Considering that this is a sector that is so dependent on information, actors in the real estate industry keep seeking information.

If you have superb writing skills, you may as well grab this opportunity and become a real estate blogger. Create a revenue-producing real estate blog and write about your experience and professional knowledge on your website.

You can even create content for other websites and online companies and earn money for it. You can earn lots of money if your content is professionally presented.

Real Estate Vlogging

Real Estate Vlogging

You can earn a lot of money by creating and sharing real estate videos. You can consider starting a YouTube channel and regularly upload real estate videos to get subscribers to your channel.

You have to monetize your videos to earn money from YouTube. You will be paid depending on the number of views on your videos.

Some of the content you can share on your vlog includes tips for prepping a home for listing. Appear on camera and talk to your viewers instead of having text overlays throughout. In the latter case, there will be no difference between your vlog and a blog.

Vlog content can earn you more money because it personalizes you, repurposes your blog content, and boosts your social media engagement.

The moment you have a large number of subscribers, you can partner with real estate companies that will pay you to review their products reviewed on your vlog.

Investing in a Real Estate Crowdfunding

Also known as real estate peer-to-peer lending, real estate crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a real estate investment project through the internet by inviting a pool of investors to each contribute a small amount of money towards the project.

In other words, it allows small real estate investors with little capital to fund big real estate projects.

By investing in a property crowdfunding, you can create passive income since you will earn a percentage of the profits obtained from the crowdfunded real estate.

There are several real estate crowdfunding platforms you can join to work together with other real estate investors, and the beauty is that you can invest with as low as $500.

Renting Out on Airbnb

Renting Out on Airbnb

Letting a total stranger into one’s home may not sound like a good idea to everyone, but for the millions of Airbnb users, the idea is more than just good; it’s brilliant.

Through Airbnb, you can let your property or spare bedrooms to guests. Airbnb takes a 3% commission from hosts on every booking.
All you need to do is create an account with Airbnb and list your property with them on a short-term rental basis.

Make sure you set a reasonable price for the listing. You need to have access to an Airbnb analytics platform such as Mashvisor to find out how much your property will make.

You could consider hiring an Airbnb property management company to handle the check-in and check-out processes, as well as the cleaning of the property.

Teaching Online Real Estate Classes

There are many beginner real estate agents and investors who could use online classes. If you are experienced in the real estate industry and have the teaching skills required to pass on this knowledge, you can consider teaching real estate classes online.

Thousands of people are interested in learning the specifics of the real estate business and are willing to pay for online classes.

You can use platforms such as to set up online real estate courses. Courses can be shared through video tutorials, written tutorials, and downloadable PDF materials.

You can as well create your platform and have your materials there.

Investment Property Analysis

Another way you can make money from real estate online is through online investment property analysis.

This allows you to search for and analyze the investment potential of rental properties by utilizing real estate analytics tools such as Mashvisor.

Mashvisor is a real estate software that helps investors to find good investment properties. You can make money online through online property investment analysis by finding the rental properties that will yield the highest profits.

The software provides various tools such as Property Finder that is used to find properties with a high return on investment, Heatmap Analysis Tool that evaluates neighbourhood performance, and Real Estate Investment Calculator that analyzes investment properties to assess their profitability.

With Mashvisor, you can search and find investment properties online within a very short time.

Real Estate Syndication

Another amazing way to invest in real estate online is through real estate syndication. It is a way for investors to pool financial and intellectual resources together to invest in much bigger projects and properties that they would not be able to single-handedly afford.

In the past, only wealthy individuals and those with connections could take part in real estate syndications because they, in most cases, investing in multi-million commercial real properties.

However, the emergence of real estate crowdfunding has promoted access to real estate syndication by more people.

So how do you make money from syndications? The rental income obtained from the syndication is distributed among the investors. Get a good real estate deal, connect and keep in touch with the syndicator.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Regardless of the roles, you play in the real estate industry, you can create professional social media accounts to aid your business, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. On these platforms, you can regularly share real estate content.

If you have a large social media following, you can earn extra income by posting ads and sponsored content.

Content creators with a large social media following get paid a lot of money by companies for boosting their popularity and promoting the products they offer.

Some successful real estate agents generate leads purely using social media platforms at the comfort of their couch at home. If you are aggressive, you can get to share in this as well.

Online Surveys

Several online companies are interested in your personal opinion. They will even go ahead to pay you to take surveys. You just need to register with an online survey company such as

After registering, you will have to fill out your profile because most companies will require certain profile types to fill out surveys depending on their products or services.

Being that you are interested in investing in real estate, you must be knowledgeable about real estate to some extent or a great extent. Your opinion is of value to so many companies. Give it to them in exchange for some money.

Real Estate Mentoring

The last on our list on how to make real estate money online is working as a real estate mentor. It is another superb way of using your real estate skills to make money online.

Very many people are venturing into real estate. Some of them have little to no idea what real estate entails or involves. In retrospect, many are looking to hire a real estate mentor to help them have a smooth take-off in their real estate career.

You can use your skills to offer tutelage aspiring real estate professionals, sharing your success tips with them. If what you teach helps your clients, you might as well just turn it into a booming business in itself.


If you have come this far into this article, you have an idea of how you can invest in real estate online.

You have probably seen one or two that suit your current real estate business strategies and goals. Even though they provide you with the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home, you must have in mind that you will have to put in the work.

Do not be cheated that you will just sit and have the business grow by itself. And just like any other business, deploying these investment options will take time.

You have to be patient and nurture your business and allow it to grow steadily. After all, you are starting a new venture. You will achieve your desired results if you persevere and nurture your business with passion!